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  • Reading: Coping with Morons by Imma Hermit
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Hey guys. Anyone want to RP with Kilowog because he's getting punch-y.
K: I'm not! *throws chair*
*dodges* Suuure... I'm going to run now because he's glaring at me. *leaves*
K: Ignore her. I do.
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Reading: Coping with Morons by Imma Hermit
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(x) You have made a little kid cry. // Earth kids don't like me.
(x) You have threatened someone and meant it seriously // And held up my end. :ladummyhighfive: 
(x) You have beat someone up.
() You have stolen money from someone
() People have called you a brat
(x) You spend a lot of your time bossing people around
(x) You have wanted someone/something to die // yeah, bad guys.
() You have killed someone
(x) You yell a lot 
(x) You have punched someone 
() You have stolen something from the store
() You push people around a lot 
(/) You wear a lot of black . 
() You hate the light 
() You swear a lot. // I have a swear jar for a reason! Plus I was told to stop
(x) You are always breaking the rules // But I ignore it a lot! :smugjig: 
() You've laughed at someone's pain
() You are a bully
(x) You get mad easily // You try staying calm around the morons that I know.
(x) You have tons of enemies
() You barely have any friends 
() You lie a lot 
() You wish you could rule
() You pull tons of pranks on people
() You think it's funny when people die  
() You like making people sufferEVIL Laughter! 
() You love blood
() You know how to shoot a gun. 
(x) You have called someone stupid // I call a lot of people stupid.
() You like horror movies 
() You like violent things 
() You have attempted to kill someone
() You love the sound of screaming
() You are happy when people you dislike are seriously injured

Total: 10.5
Multiply it by 4.

"I'm 42% evil."

Repost this in your journal as "I am ___% Evil (if you want to).
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Based off  ((OOC: No More))There isn't any particular way to address this subject. So I am just going to come out and say it. And I know it may not be seen as having any place on this site but seeing as how someone has inquired advice (gods know why someone would ask me), I figured this is as good a place to address it as any other. Also, you don’t have to read if you don’t want to. I decided to make a post seeing that the person wants to remain anonymous and that I will respect their wishes. I also want to help others like us. I hope this isn't coming too late for others like us.
Take a deep breath, cause here we go:
Abuse is abuse.
There is no gray area, no exceptions. Mental or physical. Both are hazardous to an individual and even mass health. You are a beautiful individual who deserves to be treated as one. Never let someone tell you otherwise. I know it might seem like I am another distant person who has no idea what I’m talking about, but trust me, I do.
It has taken me awhile to somewha
 Please note, I will swear, so not for minis.

To start off, Bullies are assholes and bullying isn't "cool" or "hip" or "swag"(Not sure about that one) or whatever you use to cover your asses.
I was bullied when I was 9 until I was 12. I still have the mental scars from those 3 years of psychological torture and an avid fear of stinging plants from When I was 10.
My mom used to say my bully was just "trying to get my attention because he liked me" and "don't pay him any attention". I tried that mom. You saw what happened!
I was going to use my epilepsy meds( had type 1) and try and get out of it. But I kept thinking what if my sister is the one to find me? What will my parents tell her? What about my other cousins? Will I just be a story to them? I never wanted to be a figment of my younger, not born then, cousin's imagination, nor did I want to be a warning to others. I wanted to spread my story myself.
I began forming coping mechanisms. I read more, I wrote. I even created a realm for myself in my head. I used to escape there during school hours.
I know everyone says "Just tell a teacher and it'll be dealt with" but I can't talk to people or anyone really without my chest feeling tight or backing out. I was even brought to a therapist for a while. But no one could figure it out.

Today, I'm 19 and giving out so many sparks(ideas) that I'm beginning to write down the ones that make sense to me or, if they're bright enough, give them a plot line to follow when I finally get to them. I still have epilepsy but not as frequently as when I was bullied.
Today, I'm telling you my story so you all can see the negative affects of bullying. Also I wish to say to my bully, if you're reading this, I forgive you. Not many people will agree but grudges are useless and only bring more pain or the holder than anyone.
My name's Alex and I hope you all got what I was trying to say.
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Reading: Coping with Morons by Imma Hermit
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Booze
Hey guys. Anyone want to RP with Kilowog because he's getting punch-y.
K: I'm not! *throws chair*
*dodges* Suuure... I'm going to run now because he's glaring at me. *leaves*
K: Ignore her. I do.


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